2016 Meeting Schedule

All programs at Burns-Lindow Building @ 7:30 p.m.

January 13– Foster Brown of Cleveland Metroparks uses the age-old art of storytelling to embody the life of the early Ohioans. Through tall tales, true stories, folk songs and Native Americans legends, we capture the past and learn from it. Come have fun. Bring young people.

February 10– The SOUTH NEWBURY UNION CHAPEL in Newbury has made history built as a “foundation for free speech.” Built in the late 1870’s it includes among its speakers James A. Garfield and Susan B. Anthony. Mike Fath, a trustee of the Chapel, will be our speaker.

March 9– Tom Vince will speak on “The CONNECTICUT WESTERN RESERVE IN OHIO“, a strip of land 120 miles wide running from Lake Erie to south Youngstown and hundreds/thousands of miles west…..depending on interpretations.

April 13- Katherine Kohl will return and talk about the CLEVELAND CULTURAL GARDENS which start on East Blvd. in Rockefeller Park in Cleveland. There are 31 unique gardens for different ethnic groups. It was conceived in 1916 and maintained by the City of Cleveland.

May 11- Rebecca McFarland will speak of  THE GREAT LAKES EXPOSITION OF 1936-1937.  It was a world’s fair-type celebration to celebrate the centennial of Cleveland and drew over 11 million people including a president. It was housed on grounds now used by the Great Lakes Science Center, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Burke Lakefront Airport.

PICNIC June 8- Location to be Determined.